How the Universe gives you signs!

Spilt Milk

I was attempting to cook today — trust me I haven’t really tried this for the last idk how manyyears! But giving it a shot for myself and also because it lights me up at the moment!

Today as I was attempting to cook eggs in the morning, half asleep and my dad directing me on how I should go about it. Well when it came to carry the vessel of milk full of hot and pot boiling milk and guess what?

I dropped it all over myself as I was lifting it and pouring it and my dad got so mad at me.

But when I looked up the spiritual meaning of spilling of milk, I was surprised to see that it is a symbol of prosperity, abundance and nourishment walking into our lives and well I was so grateful that it happened! ofcourse, my thighs are on fire and I smell like milk — HOWEVER, I’m opening myself to receiving and seeing what the Universe has in store for me!

A quick lesson for you’ll here : Don’t cry over spilt milk :P

For you never know what magic awaits you and every situation holds importance depending on the way we react to it! The Universe is always giving you signs you only have to be brave enough to see them as they are and not let your mind put meanings to it which depriciate your happiness!

Here’s to continuously manifesting and enjoying every single moment!

UPDATE : I manifested a total of INR 15,500 on the same day itself. Thank you, Universe!

Desi Manifestor.

Desi Manifestor is a writer who is of Indian Origin and loves to bring things that she thought of into reality.